"The phenomenal Berlin guitarist StringCore* has only one weapon - his guitar. In his hands this weapon changes to a magic tool, so you can expect unbelievable solos, Tangos, Flamenco, Blues along with melodical tunes, all with emphasis on precise technique. Tommy Emanuel or John Butler they both would for sure take StringCore to their music tour only if they were not afraid that this fella make them look embarassed because of his skills. We recommend it to all of you who like quitar magicians, because StringCore is no doubt one of them."

Zizkovska Noc, Praha, 2016 


* StringCore is an Instrumental Acoustic Rock Band founded by Guitarist Alf Schmieder. It is also a solo guitar project of the same musician. The idea behind it is to perform only with stringed instruments like guitar and cello. The recording of the album "Tyme" has been the first step towards new instrumental Rock music played on acoustic instruments, in this particular case on one guitar only, building the backbone of a whole band and playing the Lead and Solos as well.